During Christmas last year, Nathen and I were staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown. It was a stressful time because our son was in the hospital and we were away from home. The Hoss Foundation showed us that even though we weren’t spending the holidays at home, Christmas could still come to us with cheer. The Foundation touched our hearts and made an impact on how Christmas wasn’t just about gifts but about sharing, and they provided us a sense of relief during that stressful time. It was like Santa had come. They shared their Christmas with us even though we were complete strangers, opening their hearts to us without judgment. They also showed concern for what we were going through and treated us like family. The Hoss Foundation members were caring and showed love and understanding. We will forever remember the happiness that we felt and will remain grateful for the kindness they showed us. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas!

SheBeck, Nathen, and Baby Colton